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 connect with your higher self and gain clarity around your soul's intentions for this lifetime. 

 connect with your                                 ...clarity around your soul's   higher self and gain...                            intentions for this lifetime. 


My work is to help you connect to your higher self. While we are never not connected, certain blocks in the auric field can occasionally make this connection difficult to access. Through whichever service feels right to you, I can help to clear the blocks and bring through any messages that best serve your transformation at this time.


In my early twenties I felt like I was being hit by crisis after crisis.


While I had been in therapy for a number of years, I still struggled to calm my reactivity. I was meeting life through a lens of fear and spent a lot of time trying to hide, minimize, or numb myself. I genuinely believed it had to be that way, given the traumas I had gone through. Now, while what I experienced still lives within me, I no longer live within it.

Through the help of many healers and teachers I have come to realize that it's possible to move through life's challenges in a balanced and loving way.


I 'm  kat.


I'll be honest with you: I spent a lot of time feeling powerless in the offices of therapists and psychiatrists. This is not to undermine the mental health profession. The problem was that I saw them as an authority who I needed to hand my power over to in order to heal.

My ultimate goal is to lead you back to yourself.


If anything I say to you does not work for you or feels off, then throw it away! You do not need to force yourself into anything because someone else recommends it. Check in with your body to see what it is saying to you.

I know what it's like to want to show up fully in the world but feel held back by old, oppressive conditioning.

I know that you can carve out a path for yourself that makes sense to you, and that supports the whole of you.

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what people are saying:

“Numerology and birth charts are relatively new to me and Kat made the experience of having mine read a very good one. Trying new things can be very nerve-racking but Kat’s calming presence is exactly what you would want from a reader. They didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear but told me what I needed to hear. Their ability to interpret the data and how it applies to my inquiries was helpful and eye-opening. Kat has a professional insight and comforting spirit. I left my reading feeling as though I had a new perspective. It has been several days since my session and I still find myself going back to it and learning more from it.

-Katey M.